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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank you very much!

Just to let you know that I received the last shipment on Friday and
everything is in order. The stuff looks really great!Thanks again to you and the entire Nic Nat Direct team for all of your help getting this done. I appreciate your professionalism, and understanding of service. I did receive a top quality service which I was very happy with.People at the Port commented on how well the consignment was packaged and one guys said "the body like they really know what they doing". I
will recommend your business to all the good people I know.

Keep in touch.


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Anonymous said...

This is almost 2 years I've been placing orders via NicNat Direct and the service is exceptional, I don't recall ever having any problems with my orders. i order pretty much anything and it gets here really fast and no stress. its really easy and convenient, and I've just completed all my Christmas shopping for my kids in half hour, i do and would continue to recommend this service to all my fam and friends, who like to shop online without all the hassle. keep up the excellent work and i enjoy conducting business with you.

L.white (Barbados)